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Aust Products

Southeast Iron Roofing uses quality Australian made products.

During these uncertain times it has never been more important to use quality Australian made products. Not only are you supporting Australian manufacturers, but you are also supporting the local economy during the current climate.

As well as being able to withstand the harsh Australian climate, products produced in Australia are manufactured to current strict Australian Building standards. Cheaper imported products may appear similar, but these inferior products will fail in the long run, hence the decision to purchase Australian made products has a range of benefits.

Australian environmental policies have some of the highest standards regarding the manufacturing and disposal of building products, ensuring emissions requirements, correct disposal, and recycling procedures.

Australian owned and operated businesses, employ local staff, support local tradesmen, and help the local economy. Product and workmanship Warranties and Guarantees are genuine, adhere to Australian Consumer standards and processing is usually made easier as the company is located within Australia.

We at Southeast Iron Roofing pride ourselves on using high quality Australian made products which ensures piece of mind.